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Hi guys! :D

Okay: so far i have updated up to page 22. :D Don't worry, I have page 23-24 already inked up; only scanning and toning left to go. Also, please visit my deviantart (http://a-pikachu.deviantart.com) for a few portraits of the main characters. :D

I'm going on hiatus for two weeks. ^^ I'm not going to stop working on the comic, though, it's just i won't be able to have internet access through the two weeks. Maybe a few little peeks here and there, but i don't think I'll be able to stay long. ^^

Hopefully by the start of June I'll have new material up :D I'll also post the portraits here by June :D

Guys, thanks so much for the support, and hope to see more of you guys soon! :D
A. Pikachu

posted by a. pikachu @ May 5th, 2007, 1:43 pm   0 Comments